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Take Aways

Sometimes in life you just don’t know what is going to happen. Interesting things are abound at any corner.

One of my college professors was skiing in Utah last spring.  At the end of the last run on his last day of skiing, he was getting ready to take his [...]

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Windows Of Opportunity

Windows Of Opportunity, Surprise Encounters and Windows Within Windows.

Many things in life are presented to us in the form of a window of opportunity.  Some are bigger, some are smaller, some come earlier, some come later.  Being able to mobilize and capitalize on these windows when they present themselves [...]

By |Friday, November 15, 2013|Take Aways|

On rare occasions…

In April of 2013 I was flying out from Portland (Oregon) International Airport (PDX) to my home airport in Redmond (Oregon) (RDM) on Horizon (Alaska) Airlines on a busy weekday evening,  My flight was delayed due to a mechanical issue with what turned out to be a leaking rear [...]

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