If you were to ask your employees and customers what flavor your company is (product, service or culture), what kinds of responses would you get?

Is it spicy like a hot salsa or bland like plain oatmeal?
Is your product line or company culture as exciting as it is at Ferrari or Apple?
Could your flavor use a little enhancing or spicing up?
Are you serving the same dish, over and over again, day in and day out?

People are like pets and often get bored or complacent. Leaders who know how to keep their workforce excited and interested in a bland environment have more productive, creative and fulfilled employees. Leaders who don’t know what flavor their company is are probably out of touch with their people, products and customers. The worst companies to work for are the ones where the leaders are bored and complacent themselves!

Clearly not every business has super exciting products. When that is the case, leadership should be ultra creative and find ways to spice up their product line or implement new things in the day to day to keep their employees smiling and interested in coming to work.

Leaders with no clue about what to do can wander around (MBWA) and ask their employees one simple question. What can we do to spice things up here? Call your best customers and ask, what can we do to spice up our products or services?

Having great flavor can be a competitive advantage that impacts the people, products and profits of any organization. Keeping things interesting often leads to innovative new ideas!