Executive Coaching

By gathering confidential feedback from those colleagues who work closely with the leader, we determine which behaviors need to improve and which ones need to stop.

Team & Group Coaching

An economical and effective approach that helps teams work, behave and lead better together.

Non-Verbal Moxie

Since 65%-93% of human communication is non-verbal, we teach strategies that increase one’s ability to perceive and influence others.

Job Shadowing

Leaders have blindspots and shortcomings that they can’t see.  Those behaviors and quirks are most evident to their colleagues, friends and family. The shadow-coach observes and provides a safe context for the leader to improve.

Presentation Skills

Impactful presentations require a great message and a powerful delivery.  We help you to wow your audience and propel the message you want to send.

Resolve – Workplace Conflict

People disputes are common within organizations and high performance teams. They wreak havoc on relationships, productivity and workflow.  We help resolve them so you can get beck to loving your job.

Cultural Evolution

Organizational culture is the glue that makes amazing companies stick together. We design cultures that emphasize respect, two-way communication, feedback and influence.

Corporate Retreats: Bend, & Central Oregon

Bend is the perfect haven for teams to increase their creativity and productivity while breaking free from daily distractions and interruptions.