Job Shadowing (Follow The Leader)

Leaders have blindspots and shortcomings that they can’t see.  Those behaviors and quirks are most evident to their colleagues, friends and family. The shadow-coach observes and provides a safe context for the leader to improve.

There are three kinds of feedback, solicited, unsolicited, and observational.  Job shadowing is a combination of observational and solicited, as the coach is invited to observe and share what is seen and heard with the client.  The coach follows the executive around in their daily travels as they interact with other individuals or participate in meetings.jobshadow

Human beings for the most part, are simultaneously unable to track their own content (what they are doing) and process (how they do it) at the same time.  They also are commonly unwilling to film and watch themselves on video tape in order to review their own process after the interaction or meeting is finished.  Even if they could record the process, they may not know what it was that they were seeing or hearing.

Having a coach follow the leader allows the coach to track the process while the executive manages their content.  The things that are observed include leadership behavior, non-verbal communication patterns such as pauses, gestures, and voice patterns, fast and slow thinking (Kahneman), culture, quality of relationships, and group dynamics.

Typical shadowing sessions often last from 2 hours to full days.