Non-Verbal Moxie

Non verbal strategies are a two part equation

Improving the effectiveness of the messages we send to others.

 Improving our ability to accurately perceive the messages that are sent to us from others.

Non-Verbal Moxie is almost an unfair advantage.  By developing a charismatic personality and having the skills to read between the lines in decoding the messages others send you, one can become far more proactive and influential in their ability to communicate and interact with other people.  Non-Verbal Moxie, helps to eliminate the element of surprise.

Research studies indicate that between 65% and 93% of all human communication and interaction is non-verbal.  Regardless of the percentage, the key take away from this is that non-verbal communication is far too important to ignore!

Individuals learn systematically utilize their face, voice, body, location and breathing to more effectively influence others. They also learn how to perceive and interpret the meaning of non-verbal cues that are sent by others.

ExecuFeed develops and implements custom programs that include training, coaching and job shadowing in the art and science of non-verbal communication, non-verbal leadership, relationship building and presentation skills. Organizations and their employees benefit greatly through better communication and relationships when effective non-verbal communication becomes part of their fibre and culture.