Resolve – Workplace Conflict

People disputes are common within organizations and high performance teams. They wreak havoc on relationships, productivity and workflow.  We help resolve them so you can get beck to loving your job.

Interpersonal workplace conflict is a major cause of job stress and dissatisfaction, not to mention degrading team and organizational performance.  Many leaders and organizations struggle in dealing with conflict, disagreement and differences with people. They often tend to avoid it instead of resolve it.  Conflict is uncomfortable for everyone, yet not working through it is ultimately more detrimental in the long haul.

Business people standing face to faceConflict and spirited debate are healthy to some degree.  Effective leaders can convert workplace conflict into positive outcomes.  If done properly they can improve difficult workplace challenges which can lead to better relationships, processes, products and services.

There are at least 1001 causes of workplace conflict.  They can include bad management, poor leadership, positional power, communication, culture, values, personalities, relationships, harassment, office romances, bullying, finances, poor performance, task completion, decision opposition, substance abuse, work schedules, long hours and problems at home. In any event, if the conflict is not resolved, it can be very a very expensive proposition for the organization in both financial and human cost.

When one of the 1001 reasons creates workplace conflict, there are another 1001 things that can result from it.  They can include lost productivity, employee turnover, lateness, absenteeism, low morale, high stress, decreased safety, mis-communication, no communication, poor quality, missed deadlines, disrupted workflow, lack of collaboration, poor customer service, distrust, split groups, gossip and increases in destructive comments.

When our feathers get ruffled by hiccups with our bosses, co-workers, colleagues or even our customers we tend to share the intimate details of our experience with anyone and everyone who will listen.  We also avoid dialogue with the person or people who can actually resolve the issue.

People in disputes tend to resort in a hodgepodge of unproductive default behaviors. People can become angry, defensive, passive aggressive, or feel judged and criticized.  Some react and others will pout and withdraw.  Some like to create win-win situations others prefer win-lose.  Some like to fight fairly and others do not.  Yet most of these behaviors will not solve the problem.  These impasses can go on for what seems like eons, if there isn’t any resolution.

The first steps toward resolving workplace conflict is to recognize that it exists and to realize just how much it is costing your organization in terms of wasted time and energy.  From time to time, every organization can benefit from an outsider, a neutral third party, coming in to defuse dysfunctional conflict and bring badly needed relief and resolution.

ExecuFeed is a impartial, neutral third party that acts as a mediatior, facilitator, ombudsman, or liaison between the parties.  We offer confidential consulting for workplace concerns that interfere with job performance or team functioning.