Team & Group Coaching

An economical and effective approach that helps teams work, behave and lead better together.

ExecuFeed helps teams and workgroups to become more effective and productive by behaviorally expanding their current operating envelope.  We work to improve communication, develop more functional relationships, increase perception and awareness of non-verbal cues in teams that are together long term or for a specific project.  We align the organizational goals with the group goals and assist in increasing collaborative and creative solutions to help groups solve the challenges at hand.

The “team approach” to executive coaching is more affordable and effective than individual coaching.  Our approach transcends one-on-one coaching in the sense that all individual workgroup members become better individual leaders, and better team members.  The team becomes more collaborative, with increased productivity. Each team member becomes a more valuable employee, as their leadership behavior increases, develops and evolves.

“We were a very successful team who took our performance to the next level.  With Marshall’s help we identified our two areas and went to work.  We used everyone’s help and support, exceeded our improvement expectations and had fun! A team’s dedication to continuous improvement combined with Marshall’s proven process ROCKS!”

– Alan Mulally (CEO Ford Motor Company and former CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes)