Matthew Jensen, is an executive coach who helps successful leaders become even more effective by making positive lasting change in leadership behavior. He identifies and corrects the 21 most common roadblocks that keep leaders from reaching their highest potential. Most of these roadblocks are related to communication, relationships, and behavior. Matthew commonly uncovers blind spots that the leader was completely unaware of. He helps leaders to overcome them in a respectful, non-judgmental and confidential environment.

Matthew has a master’s degree in counseling psychology/organizational behavior and an undergraduate degree in business administration. He is certified in Stakeholder Centered Coaching developed by Marshall Goldsmith, Ph. D. and his team. Matthew has been involved in the field of non-verbal communication since 1989. He is personally trained by Michael Grinder, M.A. Matthew is both a practitioner and master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), certified by Robert Dilts and Judith De Lozier. He is currently working towards completion of a certificate in Marriage & Family Therapy, which is based on Systems Theory. These skills are effective in improving interpersonal communication and relationships in both the workplace and at home.

Matthew is a member of The American Psychological Association (APA), Society For Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), Society Of Consulting Psychology, and Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM). Matthew is a private pilot and is fascinated by Aviation Psychology and Human Factors. He lives in Bend, Oregon where he enjoys being outdoors in the desert sunshine running and playing an occasional round of golf.

“One of Matthew’s unique coaching skills is to shadow and coach leaders, live, as they work and interact. He sees behavior and group dynamics that are initially invisible to the leader. Matthew tracks their process (the how) while the leader manages his or her own content (the what). In time the leader will increase their own perceptual ability, so they can better track their own content and process in real time. In just one session a leader will learn to “see and hear” the communication that isn’t being said.”

frank-wagnerFrank has been a full time consultant in the field of leadership since 1981. Frank’s consulting career began when he joined the staff part time at The Center For Leadership Studies with Paul Hersey in the late 1970’s. he than became a partner and director at Keilty, Goldsmith & Boone. Besides co-founding Prism Ltd in 1986, Frank currently serves as a Director with GEO Strategic Services Inc., an organization focused on helping organizations with strategic action in FastTime. In leadership development Frank’s training specialty is leadership behavior; with an emphasis on commitment, teamwork, influence across organizational boundaries, coaching, faster strategic planning and execution. His training designs all revolve around a specific leadership model supported by exercises and tools to apply the concepts learned.

As a behavioral coach, Frank brings a broad base of experience working with individuals from mid-level management through C-level positions. First with the Alliance for Strategic Leadership (A4SL), then with Marshall Goldsmith Partners, Frank oversaw the training process in Marshall Goldsmith’s method of behavioral coaching for their first two years in business. In this capacity, he co-developed and trained all coaches in the Marshall Goldsmith Partners Network. Now Frank is a partner in the Marshall Goldsmith Group and co-founder of “Stakeholder-Centered Coaching” with Chris Coffey and Marshall Goldsmith.

Frank’s client list includes: Apple Computer, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Dun & Bradstreet, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), General Foods, Hawaiian Airlines, IDS Financial Services (American Express), IBM, Intel, KPMG, Lawrence Livermore & Sandia National Laboratories, Microsoft, National Semiconductor, NationsBank (Bank of America), Reebok International, Sequent Computer (IBM), Tektronix, Trinity Rail, Toyota Financial, Warner Lambert, Wells Fargo Bank, and The UCLA Technical Management Program. Besides his work with large companies Frank has enjoyed working with a number of smaller emerging companies. these include 3D Systems, Keen Footwear, Pinnacle Entertainment, Network Associates and Rhythm & Hues Studios.

Frank has a Ph. D. and MBA from The Anderson School of Management, UCLA where he also served as a Post Doctoral Scholar. His undergraduate degree is in Economics from Santa Clara University.

His publications include:

The Power of Total Commitment
The Coaches Playbook
The Coaches Playbook For Leaders
The Leader’s Guide to Encouraging Development

kristaaKrista spent her first career of 17 years as a successful classroom teacher, mentor, coach and trainer. She specializes in the art and science of non-verbal communication, non-verbal leadership, group dynamics, relationship building and presentation skills. Krista’s extensive training in many models of communication make her an expert in both non-verbal and verbal interactions.  She brings a joy to the learning environment with an acute sensitivity to the individual learner. Krista visually presents so the learner has clear understanding and practical tools they can immediately use both in their professional and personal lives. Krista earned her Master’s in Education from The University of Portland, in Portland, OR. She and her family live in Battle Ground, WA.